Monday, September 8, 2008

capuchin monkeys

Monkey's are the the closest animal to humans they are very smart too. The most famous monkey is the capuchin monkey. They can be kept as pets or even trained to help disabled people. They are also very caring to one another they like to share with family members but are very exclusive to strangers. There are 8 species of these monkeys they belong to the primate family that are closely related to humans.These monkeys have long tails that are called prehensile tail that acts like a third arm and can be used to hold food or hang upside down to climb trees. Baby Capuchins are very small and are able to fit in your hand a adult is able to sit on you shoulder. In the wild they live in groups from 10-12 ran by a dominant male but females will sometimes mate with other males in the group. These monkeys live for about 35-45 years. If u want to learn more on this animals go to there is every thing you need to know about capuchin monkeys.