Thursday, September 25, 2008

Emperor penguins

Emperor penguins are the largest know species of penguin standing 4ft tall. During breeding season a penguin will sing to find its mate. Then the female will pass the egg to the male. Then the female will leave for about month and go fishing. While the females are gone the males huddle together to stay warm and as a male gets warm it moves tord the perimeter so another can enjoy the warmth. When the females come home they find there mates and new born chicks. The females will regurgitate food to feed the chicks. The chicks have gray feathers witch will shed as they grow then will turn into a black, white, and yellow coat. Once the chicks have fully grown they take there first swim and learn to catch fish. They live a life span of 15-20 years and live in large groups. There predators are Leopard seals and humans they are not mammals but came from the bird family. They mainly eat fish as do most penguins they are carnivores witch means meat eater. To learn more on this animal please go to