Friday, September 5, 2008


Wolves live in a group called a pack and just 3 wolves can take down a full grown elk, bison, or even a moose. The packs are lead bye a dominant male and female they sent mark there territory my urinating and rubbing on trees then when another wolf or pack knows to avoid or attack.Wolves can not bark so instead they howl. People think that wolves howl at the moon well it my look like they are but they aren't they are actually howling to the pack to let them know were they are if they got separated from the rest of the pack. When a wolf rolls on its back and whimpers to the lead female or male its showing its no threat to them and would like to join there pack. They can accept or deny it from the pack. If its a young male that wants to join the pack its might just want to take over the pack and become leader. Wolves are the largest of all dogs and people think that they are vicious animals they aren't mean animals they attack when they feel threatened or scared. There are over ten breeds of north American wolves the most Common is the gray wolf or timber. Wolves like most dogs shed and grow winter coats and shed it to grow there summer coat. They come in all colors from black, to white, to grey, to brown. Wolves can also cover several miles bye trotting at a pace of around 10 mph. is a great place for wolf lovers you download wolfquest then your a virtual wolf and can choose colors and can go on multi player or single player! have fun!