Friday, September 5, 2008

Seals, Sea lions, And Leopard Seals

Sea Lions unlike seals are large and are able to walk on land by using there long flippers and split tail to lift there large bodies off the ground.Seals have smaller flippers that don't help them walk on land, but help them swim in the icy waters of Antarctica. Sea lion's are close relatives to the leopard seal. The leopard seals have longer snouts to catch penguins and larger pray.They also have sharp teeth and the body of a seal that makes it unable for them to walk well on land. Sea lions have shorter snouts because they catch smaller pray like fish. Some species of Sea lions do eat small penguins such as the chinstrap and African penguins. Seals and Leopard seals live in icy, or cold places, and have blubber or fur to keep them warm in cold waters. Sea lions Have shorter fur because they live in warmer places like a long the coast of Australia and southern USA.